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Partial Dentures in Federal Way, WA - Cristel Family Dentistry
Partial Denture
If you have dentures, you know they can be an excellent option for tooth replacement. However, dentures that are ill-fitting or prone to slippage are not only irritating, they can also harm your mouth. Damaged or worn-down dentures may keep you from eating what you like and can be a source of social embarrassment.

Complete Dentures in Federal Way, WA - Cristel Family Dentistry
Complete Denture
Dr. Cristel is here to help at Cristel Family Dentistry.  He uses the most advanced materials to create either removable or fixed dental prostheses that are long-lasting and comfortable. He will make sure that your dentures fit well and that you are happy. Our team never rushes our patients but, rather, takes the time to ensure your satisfaction.

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