Oral Surgery in Federal Way

Comfortable Tooth Extractions Near You

Oral Surgery in Federal Way, WA - Cristel Family DentistryIf you have ever had a serious injury or bad infection in a tooth, you know how painful these conditions can be. Unfortunately, even modern dentistry cannot always save a tooth. In such situations, it is sometimes better to simply pull the tooth to help stop the pain and prevent further infection.

If the need for a tooth extraction arises, Dr. Cristel and his seasoned team at Cristel Family Dentistry are sure to perform the procedure as quickly and gently as possible. We skillfully use nontraumatic dental instruments during the extraction to help preserve bone and ensure that you remain relaxed throughout the procedure with adequate local anesthesia.

Bone Grafting

Dental implants are an amazing option for tooth replacement available at Cristel Family Dentistry. Natural-appearing and permanent implants are often the ideal answer to tooth loss. However, some patients do not have sufficient underlying bone to retain the dental implants. For these patients, Dr. Cristel  provides bone grafts to help augment bone volume. Utilizing bone grafting, Dr. Cristel can help give you adequate bone structure in your jaw to better retain your new dental implants.

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