Teeth Whitening in Federal Way

Get a Dazzling Smile with Teeth Whitening Near You

Teeth Whitening in Federal Way, WA - Cristel Family DentistryA smile conveys many messages – greeting, confidence, happiness, and satisfaction. But some people are hesitant to show their smile because they are not content with the appearance of their teeth. Don’t let teeth stains keep you from flashing your grin. Professional tooth whitening at Cristel Family Dentistry can help give you the smile you desire.

Our treatments are more powerful and longer-lasting than the whitening products available over-the-counter at grocery stores. The results are also noticeably faster. Come in today for a consultation and find out what Dr. Cristel can do for the color of your teeth.

Call us today at (253) 874-3000 and we will set up an appointment for you and present a whitening plan tailored to your unique needs. Our team is also happy to provide tips and advice on how to extend your whitening results.